15 March 2008

A Picnic at the Water Park

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Here's an update from a few weekends ago that I just haven't gotten around to:

The middle school sleepover party went quite well, although I thankfully didn't spend the night. The kids did a great job with the lip sync--it was really fun to watch. Middle school parties always include a rousing game of I Have Never. I love watching them try to slide into chairs on a marble floor!

Intermission between lip sync acts included toilet paper bowling.

Also from a few weekends ago--we took a picnic to the Water Park. I have a year pass now, so I imagine that I'll be using it quite a bit. It's just a short bike ride to get there and soon it will be full of flowers and greenery.

The sledding hill from February is quickly turning to a lake--a lake with a cabin.

Climbing on the rocks is always a highlight for the kids.

Enjoying a wonderful picnic lunch.

Beautiful Mia smiling wide!

Trying to problem solve how to get the Frisbee out of the tree.

The TV tower reflecting in the water.

We rode the Ferris wheel--it was quite the adventure! It took a whole 12 minutes to complete just one revolution :)

Looking down on the park from the top of the ride.

The third quarter is quickly coming to an end. Please think about:
  • All of the teachers as we finish up comments and grades this week.
  • The sharing that will occur next weekend with Easter.
  • The preparation of the students that will be participating in Model United Nations in April in Beijing--they have a lot of work to accomplish in the next few weeks in order to be ready.
  • The ongoing planning for our trip this summer to Inner Mongolia.

Hosanna in the Highest--Let the King of Glory enter in!