02 October 2006

Teachers' Party

When we finally got our electricity back on Friday, we had a party with all the teachers to celebrate the National Holiday. Some of the teachers from the adjacent school joined us for dinner and it was nice to get acquainted with them. The best way to describe this party was that it was a cross between a middle school dance and a bad bridal shower. The room was decorated with Christmas lights and garland even though it's only October. We played a few games (Pin the Nose on the Clown), watched some of the Chinese ballroom dance, listened to them do karaoke. The dance was completed with a variation on the bunny hop. Yeah. It was a really interesting party. We were expecting more of a dance dance because they asked us for some music (which we ended up not even listening to). The experience helped us to understand a bit of the Chinese physche and it certainly explained their TV gameshows and the humor needed to appreciate such events. It really was fun, but was completely different than what I had expected. I can't wait to report what our Christmas party will be like! Enjoy these awesome pictures:

There is a local high school right in our neighborhood. They have been practicing for a few weeks on their marching-band style performance for the Holiday and we stopped to watch on Friday. Check out the guy the bike...notice how his shirt is pulled up to his armpits. The reason that I'm posting this picture is because this is a common scene here in China. When the guys (especially older men) get hot, they just show their stomachs and hope to cool down.

A few weeks ago, I posted that our local internet cafe was torn down in less than a week, this is a visual to put with that story. It isn't the same building but it is on the same lot that they are trying to clean off for whatever they are constructing.

The clown for a rousing game of Pin the Nose on the Clown.

A bunch of the Chinese eating bananas at the same time. (Sorry it's a bit dark)

Happy National Day!

Some people ballroom dancing at the party.

It was a nice, very memorable way to spend a Friday night. Good company and good memories...what more could I ask for?


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