21 December 2006

Crazy Fog

[Disclaimer--this post is like a month old, but I was just now able to put it up, for reasons to be explained in an upcoming, very long post. 1/17/07]

The other day we had a lot of fog--I've never seen fog like this before in my life!

This is the main street by my apartment.

Another view of the same street.

Looking the other way--the cars are all stopped at the light. Too bad the fog was so heavy the light isn't visible in this picture.

Megan, Karri and Lindsey walking into school.

Looking down from the third floor onto the courtyard at school.

Click here for a short video of the ride to school that day. Please ignore our running commentary of the local bakery and their goods.

And I can't resist a good English sign..."Section card vertebrate nursing series product of--Improve effectively yours/The waist is sour Backache Neckplastic"

Coming soon--Thoughts on falling off the face of the earth (at least as far as my ability to communicate goes), AKA a recap of my last month without the internet.


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