03 March 2007

Koh Phi Phi Arrival

In my previous post, I mentioned that our arrival on Koh Phi Phi was eventful, now let me elaborate.
We arrived to the island by ferry. As we came into port, we saw an alarming event unfolding on land--the island was on fire! We learned later that the largest bar on the island had caught fire and it quickly spread to the neighboring bungalows. Thankfully, we were staying on the opposite side of the island, but it was quite the first impression!
Koh Phi Phi has no roads; the island can only be covered on foot, or by bike in town. To get from one point to another, we hired longtail boats. The boats are able to travel in shallow water and have engines mounted high enough so as to not damage the coral reef.
Our resort was beachfront and it was truly a tropical paradise. The bungalow was probably only 50 feet from the water--it was incredible to fall asleep at night listening to the waves. Playing beach volleyball, eating amazing Thai food, and simply relaxing consumed my four days there.

Relaxing (AKA getting burned) and awaiting our arrival to the island.

A slightly tattered Thai flag proudly flying over a jasmine garland.

Fire in the hole!

The dock with all the tourists gawking at the fire.

All of the longtail boats lined up in town (notice the pole and attached rudder at the end of the boat--hence the name longtail).

Getting ready for our first longtail trip.

Our driver fearlessly piloting us to our resort.

Our bungalow was named The Lion King, or, as Daniel nicknamed it, Simba's Pride. To get the grand tour of the bungalow, click here to see a video.

My bed, complete with protective mosquito netting!

The minimalist bathroom (absent is a sink, mirror, and toilet paper).

One view from the bungalow porch.

Looking another direction from the porch.

The crystal clear water and beautiful, open horizon of the ocean.

I know I'm getting a bit behind, but I just can't resist writing thorough, if late, posts on these events. Maybe someday I'll get us back to China and then I can give a full report on what's new here! :)


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