16 September 2007

Friendly Faces

2 weeks ago, our friend Keith, from our home fellowship in MI came to visit China! It was fun to see a familiar face for a week. Lots of Catan was played and wonderful goodies were delivered--I now have the new Over the Rhine CD The Trumpet Child--I highly recommend it!
Here's some pictures from his visit:

Keith and the adorable Kennedy girls.

During his visit was Scipmylo--our school's version of field/sports day. FYI-Scipmylo is Olympics spelled backwards. Most of the events were held outside, but there was one indoor event. Here you can see the students making a giant Olympic ring banner with their hand prints.

The teams were made up of kids from every grade. Each team represented a country--my team was Finland. We didn't do so red hot, but it was fun anyway.

Here's a picture from the Closing Ceremony. Each team was either white or blue. The blue team won so now the Elementary School principal has to dress with clothes provided by the Middle School principal.

We took Keith to our local coffee shop for English Corner. At this English Corner, we taught our Chinese friends how to play the card game Spoons.

It was one of the bigger games of Spoons that have ever been played (at least that I've seen!)

On the Saturday of his visit, my roommate Melva, Keith, our local friend Amanda and I went to the Great Wall.

We stopped at a store when I found this flashback from a different era.

Amanda trying on a cute hat.

The four of us at the entrance gate of the wall.

3. Please walk carefully on abrupt slope and dangerous way; Don't run and pushes to pash violently and the laugh and frolic.

If you look carefully in the foothills, you can see part of the wall that is not restored.

The guard house windows frame this picture very nicely.

Another nice view of the rolling mountains.

The beautiful mountains and blue sky! and that famous wall :)

A nice roommate picture of Melva and me.

Keith, Amanda and Melva enjoying the scenery.

Last weekend was an exciting trip to another city in China for a company-wide middle and high school volleyball tournament. I volunteered to help for our school and it was quite the experience. We took an overnight train with about 50 kids to get there on time. The shock of the weekend was seeing that my old school in Wuxi brought a team for the competition. The team consisted of all students that I knew from last year. It was great to see a group of familiar faces. Even some of the coaches of the other teams were people that I had training with this summer in NY. The funny thing of the weekend was that I stepped in to coach the girls' varsity team (just for the tournament!) I played volleyball in high school, but I can't say that I'm an experienced coach. It was an exciting weekend and my team even won the entire thing.

Some great Chinglish at the French grocery store, Carrefour.

So many signs make sense but still are just a bit off.

I don't know about myself, but "have you tried the new life style?"

Saying Plum Candies make me want to say "Hey, So delicious, Let us try it fast."

The most interesting name of candy that I've ever seen.

Next post: I went to the World Cup Quarter final (The US won!) and I survived my first Fall Camp.

Until then,

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