07 November 2006

My Students

On October 26 and 27, our students took their midterms exams. For the most part, the tests were successful and measured the students' progress thus far. Because the schedule was modified to take the exams, the rhythm of those two days were completely thrown off. When they weren't taking a test, the students were goofing off. I realized that I haven't posted many pictures of my students, so here's a few from the midterm exams. I've gone back and forth on whether to post their names or not, so I'm going to tell their grades, but not their identities.

There are multiple reasons why this update is a bit belated. One is that there was a crackdown on the internet here and blogs are being severely restricted. I can no longer view my own blog, any Blogger or MySpace site (although to this point I have been able to continue posting--hopefully that stays the same!). Sadly, I am not permitted to upload pictures directly to my blog. It's very frustrating, but with an extra click to Picasa Online (Google's amazing photo software), my web albums can be viewed. I will write normal blog entries, but will include the link for the pictures at the end of each posting. The other reason why I've been a bit behind is because we went to Shanghai this weekend (more to come on that front in a bit).

Click here to visit the my Web album. The pictures for "Midterms" go with this posting. Click on the album and then view it as a slideshow (top left corner). This should display both the pictures and the captions that go with the pictures. Shoot me an email with questions/problems. Enjoy!


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