16 November 2006


Well, it's been forever since I've posted, but I finally have gotten my act together to write something of substance. I've certainly been occupied with school and the whole I-can't-even -read-my-own-blog-thing doesn't help matters but here's a few shorter postings on what I've been up to the last few weeks (with pics again, woohoo :)

A few of us went to go play softball with some expats almost a month ago. I ended up not even playing, I just read my book and chilled, but it was really fun. Fun because baseball (ok softball) is so American, fun because we explored a new part of our city, fun because we met new people. Lindsey and Megan rotated pitching for the team that they played for and Daniel played in the outfield.

Megan at bat against some serious ball players.

Swing batter, batter! Lindsey on deck, waiting for Megs to finish.

Now how's that for a short posting :)


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