31 January 2008


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So, here I am, back in America. Craziness! I am enjoying the little joys of life--cereal with bananas and blueberries, reading the morning paper, eating at Noodles, SNOW, familiar things! Today will hold even more--the dentist, a bath in a normal-sized tub, driving for the first time in a while, probably seeing U2 3D (which I had totally psyched myself out for not being able to see) and eating yummy ice cream. The circumstances for being here aren't great (my grandma had a heart attack and is close to dying). Everything happened so quickly, but I'm excited to be back. The busyness of Tuesday (lessons planning for the rest of the week, packing, and tying up loose ends) has now been replaced with waiting for the inevitable.

It snowed a few inches while we were at dinner last night and in honor of the "snow" in my Chinese city, here are pictures from our sledding adventure last weekend. Setting: the water park. It is really cold, but too dry to snow. Solution: With snow makers, create a sledding hill in the water park. Invite: Chinese kids who have never gone sledding before, camels, goats and have fun!

Yes, you too could be pulled by a goat on a sled.

On the right is the snow maker--notice the line of snow--the cement has none and then magically the grass has some.

It is quite the hill--with enough weight and the right tube, we were quite speedy.

The TV tower and the lake that was icing over. But, oh wait, notice that ladder going into the water--that's for the polar bear club.

Holly and I all bundled up and ready to go sledding.

Dan and the boys enjoying the "snow."

More to come...


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