04 February 2008

Home Sweet Home

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Over Christmas break (after the trip to Guilin) we painted our apartment. Sara helped us pick out the colors when we first moved in and our theme was a bright green. A basket that she gave me for my birthday last year (to help with my orange couch) was the inspiration. As we kept looking, we would see blankets, pillows and much more--all with this color scheme. Around Thanksgiving, we found the wonderful rug that tied it all together at Home Depot (yes, we have a real Home Depot--with American prices--but a real one nonetheless!). Then, over Christmas break, we returned to buy our paint. So here are some pictures to help understand what a vast improvement painting was for our apartment.


These were taken last June when our housing had finally been assigned--I was just stopping through on my way back to America for the summer.

This is the only other decent picture I have of our living/dining room from before we painted.


Our wonderful friend TJ did all the cutting in and Sara, Melva, Lauren, and I did the rolling.

A nice warm green and a periwinkle blue make a wonderful combination.


The framed pictures are all ones I took this summer in Colorado.

Next up--getting real curtains (similar print to the striped pillow) made that will keep the cold air out from our ping tai (porch/clothes drying area). Aren't our Greek columns something--they really popped out with the paint!

On the bottom you can see just a bit of our wonderful rug that inspired the paint.

Our family starts arriving on Wednesday and the memorial service is going to be held on Friday--what would have been my grandma's 93rd birthday. We look forward to celebrating her life and honoring all that she accomplished.

Wednesday is also New Year's Eve--Welcome the Year of the Rat!

Chun Jie Kuai Le,


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