15 May 2007

Katherine's Wedding

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On Saturday, I went to the wedding for our 8th grade Chinese teacher. She already had the civil ceremony and huge wedding celebration in her hometown, so it was actually more like a wedding reception. It was a smaller gathering than the wedding I went to in the fall--it was strange knowing at least a quarter of all the people there (all school people). Of course, it was quite the event, complete with new and exciting food.

On a similar note (food), we made tacos last night. I still hadn't used my taco seasoning I brought with me from Michigan--it even had the Meijer label on it. Beth brought back corn tortillas from the States at Christmas. It's very strange to me that it's possible to forget the food you love. I used to eat cheese quesadillas all the time in college and they had to be on corn tortillas, not flour. It was a taste of heaven (as far as that comparison goes in the food category)! To make this pathetic story even better, Lindsey made salsa and we finished the chips that my sister brought at Easter. Fresh salsa, tacos, quesadillas--oh my goodness, it was amazing!

Pictures from the wedding:

This was a new food: Pig's stomach!

The foreign teachers with the happy couple.

The feast that was our lunch.

My Chinese TA and I.

Daniel and the 12th grade Chinese TA.

The American teachers.

Modeling my new dress I bought last week in Beijing.

Coming soon...The best English signs we've found in China. You can bet it will be good!


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