13 May 2007

Spring Trip

Currently reading: The Quest, by Eugene Peterson.

Currently listening to: Films For Radio, by Over the Rhine.

Last month we had a spring trip for the entire school. We went to the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology. All the parents were invited so we took three charter buses. Since I teach science, I was very excited to see what they had in terms of interactive science exhibits. I was not disappointed. The museum was right on par with what I would expect in the States. Highlights included a rain forest, a human body exhibit, a spider room, and a space floor.

A 7th grader and a 6th grader on the bridge in the rain forest.

A ceiling full of giant butterflies.

Two of my ESL students and me.

"Please don't surmount" and climb into the exhibit!

A cool 3-D molecule.

My Chinese TA and the 8th Chinese teacher and me.

A sweet picture of a huge fish tank.

Apparently I'm growing up...At the museum, in a glass case, was an Apple green screen computer. I remember playing Oregon Trail and Number Munchers on those computers in elementary school. And now it's in a museum. My, how times have changed!

A robot playing the piano.

Don't forget to "caution the step."

Making up for lost time (as always!) so more posts are coming...


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