17 February 2008

Guo Nian Hao!

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Happy New Year to all! I am safely back in China and enjoying my last few moments of freedom before school starts. I've just been laying low but it feels great not to have a whole lot on my plate. That last statement dissolves tomorrow at 7am. I had two goals for the weekend--I had to finish my grading (mid quarters are due on Tuesday) and I wanted to post about my time in America. It looks like they will both be accomplished. Three cheers for achievable goals!

The Monday before I returned to the States, my language partners and I took our Chinese teacher out for a nice American meal at TGI Fridays. Those are the first two pictures I have to share. The rest are from my trip. I was excited to see real snow and lots of it, so there are a few nature pictures, but most of them are from our family outing to the Denver Art Museum. Being in an environment like that brings out the artsy photographer in me, so hang with me, there's a few of those pictures. And, of course, some family pictures--it was, after all, a family event that brought me back.

Enjoying a nice western meal together.

Our teacher tasting his first jalapeƱo burger--he still claims it wasn't hot.

Our snow-covered street and big, blue sky.


Even the pastry counter at Whole Foods was celebrating the Year of the Rat.

The street lamp on our corner in the middle of a snow storm. It was a good test for me to see if I can still drive in snow. (BTW, I can!)

The beautiful result of scary snowstorms.

A slightly grainy, yet super cool picture of a nice display at the art museum.

The Meyer women back together again.

This artist filled up a wall-length linen canvas with words--it was quite the effect.

Another great sculpture made of metal rods put together to form a human figure.

I guess even hubcaps are art.


A view of the snow-covered Rockies and the Front Range from inside the museum.

The cute newlyweds!

I had one--beer is growing on me, slowly.

Colorado's capitol building, complete with a gold leaf roof, exactly 5280 feet above sea level. We aren't called the Mile High City for nothing :)

My favorite picture from the trip.

Our family after the memorial service.

Well, Lantern Festival is on Thursday, so I'm sure that I'll have something exciting to report then.

In this season of Lent, in steadfast faith, embrace and hold fast to the unchangeable Truth.


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Karri said...

I love the photos in the museum, the Terra Cotta Soldiers from Xi'an are coming to Atlanta this fall. I'm excited to see them!

You're in my thought! :)