06 February 2008

The Market

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Last week after Fellowship, we went out to lunch at McDonald's. I am not proud of the fact that I've probably eaten more McDonald's in China than I ever did in America. But since KFC is the only other option for western fast food (sad day--no Wendy's, Chipotle, Noodles, Sonic, etc.), McDonald's it is. While we were standing in line, I stuck out to the street market to snap some pictures of all the Spring Festival decorations.

The variety of things that can be purchased on the street continues to amaze me. Here we have boots, slippers, backpacks and purses.

These traditional red knots are used to decorate doors for the upcoming New Year.

Paper cuttings like these go on everything--windows, door posts, and walls are just a few of the places I've seen them.

This woodcutting is just gorgeous.

The market includes a nice selection of dried fruits.

Our local Blockbuster--with varying degrees of quality.

Here are some random pictures from the last few weeks:

Eating yummy Korean BBQ with the Kennedys, our head principal and family, Melva and I.

I can never decide what part of Korean BBQ I like the best--is it the meat and peanut sauce or the fried veggies? Always a tough call!

We see 3-wheeled cars all over the place (actually I guess they are usually trucks), but I finally took a picture of one. Check out the nice U-lock on the front tire.

Trader Zhou's, Trader Joe's, what's the difference? Well, Trader Joe's sells happy baking mixes and yummy granola bars that travel well to China (among other things), and the Chinese knock off, Trader Zhou's, sells imported wines. Almost the same, right?

Well, I'm off with my parents to see Juno. Another movie I had resigned myself to seeing on DVD (if I could find it) in China. But I get to see it in the theater--I'm so excited!



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