12 August 2006

11 Pictures for 11 Days

Here's some pictures to add a visual to my previous post. They are in chronological order, but just spread out over the past little while.

1. Leaving GR with 15 pieces of luggage, three adults, and four children

2. Awesome sign part I

3. I love my new digital camera...how cool is this?!? (It's a praying mantis on the playground equipment at our hotel in Beijing)

4. The old and new China (OR bicycles and busses)

5. The Four Seasons of the Grand Haven Lighthouse (see previous post, bullet #5)

6. Awesome sign part II (AKA Don't fall asleep at the wheel)

7. The Golden Arches--Chinese style

8. Wal-Mart (this picture is dedicated to my sister, Joy) [Random sidenote: I really had little reason to step foot in either of these institutions in the US, but after just a few days here, I am suddenly much less picky]

9. Shopping for fabric for the Kennedy's apt. There were so many beautiful choices!

10. Mah jong, a game similar to dominos (I think) These men were just lounging around at the fabric market...I love their pace of life!

11. The Tianjin TV tower (It's no Berlin TV tower, but I can't complain.) On a good day (ie, not huge amounts of pollution), it is visible from the apt. Note the construction in the background--China is rapidly developing, as projects like that demonstrate.



Hannah said...

Rachel, the pictures are great! You seem to be picking up so many new ideas and learning so much about culture that I don't know how you're not completely exhausted. Good luck with moving, and have fun with the apartment. No roommates means you can have your music as loud as you wish, and dance as wildly as you choose. I wish you all the best in your new *home*, and the Lord's many blessings.

mom said...

Hi Rach, To blog, or not to blog ... I'm glad you chose to blog. It was fun for me to read about your impressions so far. I'm so glad that you could get initially accustomed to life in China with the support and love of the Kennedy fam. Your descriptions make me want to come visit !! How do you know for sure about your apartment situation. Your colleagues will be close by, maybe right down the hall. It may turn out better than you are anticipating. We're all so excited for you. We'll "be thinking" about you. love ya,marmie

mom said...

Hi Rachel, it's mom. I'm not sure if this is "taking" cuz I had to jump through a few hoops. Plus, I wonder if I'll ever be able to get back to this page. Anyway, I signed up as "mominco" I wanted "homeontherange" but apparently that was taken. I ejoyed your musings. Makes me want to visit you in China. Let me know if Melva got the package I sent her, dad had some kind of special delivery with the P.O. so then we could know for sure that it arrived, OK. We had a nice time at our meeting tonite, sending off Rachel Rags to Baylor. We'll be thinking of you, love, mominco !!

Becca said...

My Dearest Rachel!!!!! I got your last phone message and hope to call you later tonight (my tonight that is) and HOPEFULLY we can make contact. If not, gimme a call and pick a time I should call. :P It's SO awesome to see pics of where you are. Is one of the Grand Haven pics from when the two of us went? Oh girly, I love love love you and miss you even more!!