28 August 2006

Pictures Part II: School

The school building is amazing. It was built four years ago by the government. There are 55 classrooms, but we only use maybe 15 of them. At capacity the building could have as many as 900-1000 students. There are many Asians in Wuxi as the city is home to lots of foreign businesses. Most of our students are from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our enrollment at present is around 60.

Welcome to Wuxi Oriental International School!

The building is in the shape of a U and is completely open-air. This is from the 5th floor looking down on the courtyard.

This is the street that our school is on. Construction is everywhere in China.

This is a poster hanging in our school. Yes, apparently the Chinese renamed the Empire State Building.

My beautiful face posted on the wall downstairs, complete with my profile translated into Chinese. This is the point of no return, I guess I am officially a teacher.

My undecorated 6th grade homeroom.

School begins on Friday!

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