28 August 2006

Pictures Part I: My Apartment

I have a lot of pictures to post today, so enjoy. They give a good idea of what I have been up to this past week since arriving in Wuxi. Let's start with my apartment:

First, this is our apartment complex, Taihu Gardens III. The view from our stairwell. A seemingly normal Chinese living situation.

This is a member of our team, Daniel, in my bathtub. The tub is raised and he is tall, like 6'6'', which is not a good combo.

When we arrived, I was shocked to find that my apartment actually has two rooms. This is my "living room", but I don't do a lot of living in here. I mostly keep the door shut as it is depressingly empty. We are still awaiting the arrival of couches. The only other object in this room not visible in the picture is my ironing board.

The dining room, as seen from my bedroom doorway.

Dining room part II, as seen from my living room doorway.

One side of my bedroom, looking in from the door. Note the porch where my laundry is hanging.

My bedroom! I love the build-in shelving that is kind of noticeable on the left. I have never had so much storage for so little belongings.

That is the grand tour of my apartment. Please come visit :)

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