28 August 2006

Pictures Part III: Field trips and misc.

Last Thursday we went on an all day field trip. First we went to this old temple (like 2000 years old) that they recently built a giant statue of Buddha by. It was huge but really hot. Then we went on a tour of Lake Taihu and some traditional gardens. The following pictures are of those outings around Wuxi.

The lotus tower and the giant Buddha statue in the background.

The intricate carvings on the lotus tower.

Translation: Can't recycle

The laughing Buddha and children.

The giant Buddha from the bottom of the stairs. Apparently, the Buddha is made of bronze and only the Statue of Liberty is bigger than it (in terms of bronze statues).

The view from the top of the stairs, very close to the giant Buddha.

The Turtlehead Island of Lake Taihu. Monkeys inhabit the island and although we did not see any, we sure did smell them.

Do not swim in Lake Taihu! It is very beautiful but the computer screen is not lying--the water was green, bright green, from pollution.

One of my favorite pictures, taken on the garden part of our outing.

My new best friend. It is about a 20 minute bike ride to school and every minute I have to bite my lip and ask for safety.

Finally, last but not least, our group!


Patty McClelland said...

Hello Rachel,
I just spoke with Linda and she gave me your website.
Beautiful pictures and beautiful girl. You sound like you are having the time of your life.
I am very happy for you.
Saw your family last week and met your future brother in law. He is such a nice man.
Very nice to see everyone.
Take care.
I'll keep checking your site to see how things go.
Best wishes to you.
Patty McClelland

Anonymous said...

the laughing buddah is my favorite, it makes me strangly happy. i miss you, sorry we couldn't talk longer the other day!