15 August 2006

An Ode to Rice Pizza and Coconut Macaroons

To celebrate my last night in Tianjin, tradition had to be followed:

This is Chinese-style rice pizza, complete with sticky rice steamed in a cooker.

Coconut macaroons (AKA Gluten-free nuggets of love) and Catan, what could be better?

So I have arrived in Beijing. I had a "nice car" drive me to the airport to meet up with my group yesterday afternoon. It truly was a nice car, which also meant that the driver drove in a calm way as to protect his nice car...a very welcomed change from riding in the taxis. The paradoxes of China continue to strike me. As we pulled up to a toll booth, a huge truck pulled up next to us, completely full of chickens. Mind you, these chickens were in little plastic containers all stacked up together, like they were just arriving from the country or something. I have issues with meat and food preparation and this country is not helping matters. Neither is the meat section at the grocery store.

I'll try to post pictures of our team at the Great Wall today in a bit. Right now we're off for some yummy (real) Chinese food.

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Jen said...

ahh...feels like home!