21 August 2006

I am alive!

We safely arrived in Wuxi. Internet access will be harder to come by for a few weeks until I can get it in my apt. There is a steep learning curve ahead; we have to put together a whole K-12 curriculum with standards and objectives in one week. If you have any tips or suggested websites, I would gladly take any suggestions. More to come as I have more time online. Love you all!

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Becca said...

Whoa! That sounds intense girly. Good luck with that. I wish I had some helpful tips for you but I you know history is really my only game. How many people are you going to be working with to create all this new cirriculm? Do you know yet--or have any hints--of what age/subject you will be teaching yet?
Things are very much the same here. Panicy (yes, of course that's a word!). My parents and I are really starting to butt heads about what to do, where to look, what other alternatives I should be considering. It's not much fun sadly. My lil' sis is leaving for college on Friday--I'm not sure if I'm going to go up north with my folks to drop her off. Perhaps I'll let them have time just alone with Jess. Liz, Chad, Jess and I always go to Pictured Rocks in the UP on Labor Day weekend and she keeps telling us she wants us to "take her away" which I find so cute! I'm thinking I'm going to bring up her boyfriend with us and surprise her.
Well, when you get a chance, give me a call, eh? I left my home phone number in a message on your computer. Hopefully the connection will be clearer this time. :P Much love Rachel!