23 August 2006

I'm teaching chemistry?!?

Someone has a sense of humor, because as we were putting together the schedule for the MS/HS, some chemistry and physics classes fell to me. The last few days have been interesting, to say the least. We had one curriculum meeting on Monday and since I am on that committee (because I have 'teaching experience'), we had to come up with a schedule for the whole school. We put together a skeleton schedule for the whole school on Monday night, and last night we put together our grade specific schedule for the MS/HS. This is how it fell to me to teach some science...mostly likely we will do a general science for one semester then go to the specific subjects as the year goes on.
Yesterday we went around Wuxi and saw a big huge Buddha statue and then some really pretty gardens. We are riding our new bikes home today. These are the small, yet seemingly large victories in life these days for me.
Last night was a rough night. I went to bed with a headache and spent most of the night awake. I was sick (I'll spare the details), and that was no fun. I eased into the morning and feel ok today. But it is no fun being sick, especially in a foreign country. Still no word on internet for our apts., so it will be a while before I can post pictures or get on Skype for more than a few minutes. I will have some serious blogging-catch up to do.
Many of you asked why have a German major...I'm not even 3 months out of college and I now know...our lone high schooler (yes, we have 1 high school student! and 10 middle school students) is from Germany!! How cool is that?!? There is also an Austrian student as well. School starts next week Friday, whether we are ready or not. We will be ready, by golly!
I apologize for how scatterbrained these last few posting have been; since I'm just doing this at school, I no longer have the luxury of taking forever to read and reread each post.
A few quick shout-outs: Joy, my sister, and Nathan are engaged! Congrats, I want to hear all the details when I finally get on Skype for an extended amount of time.
Sarah M, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope your brother is able to get home in time for the funeral. Know that I am thinking about you!
Drew, I hope your knee surgery went well.

Love to all!

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